Immigration Assistance

Hellenic Foundation staff provides assistance to Greek, limited-English speaking and/or low income individuals and families in completing the process requirements for the immigration applications listed below:


  • Permanent Resident (Green Card)

  • Permanent Resident Card Renewal/Replacement

  • Extend Nonimmigrant (Visa) Stay

  • US Citizenship Application

  • Petition for Fiancée or Alien Relative

  • Adjustment of Status

  • Affidavit of Suppport

  • Fee Waiver


Applications and information can be accessed at

Applicants are responsible for providing information and required supporting documents.

Disclaimer: Hellenic Foundation is not a legal representative, does not provide legal consultation, and is not accredited by the USCIS.

For an appointment or more information:

Call at 773.631.5222 ext. 108

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