The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center, inc.

Thanks to the generous support of the Hellenic Foundation, the Greek American Restaurant Association (GARA), the Pan-Pontian Federation of USA and Canada and many individuals we are working towards the completion of the documentary "The Great Catastrophe - Forgotten Genocide."


The creation of the documentary is another major project undertaken by the Center that in line with our mission to research, preserve, and disseminate information concerning the tragic history and expulsion of the Greeks from their ancestral homelands in Asia Minor (or Anatolia), Pontos and Eastern Thrace. The documentary film will explore the story of how religious segregation and intolerance affected the ethnic Christian communities of Greeks living in Pontos, Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace for more than 2500 years. As a result of the late Ottoman Empire's policy and later on the continuation of such policy by the Turkish Nationalist governments, the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek communities became subject to systematic persecution, forced exile and genocide.


Two of the three phases of the production of the documentary have been completed. Phase I consists of story development, pre-production planning, and on-camera interviews with experts on the destruction of Hellenism in Asia Minor and Pontos, and other scholars in Holocaust and genocide studies. Phase II consists of writing the script for the hour-long production with photos and film rights, and other related segments. Once we secure funds we will be moving to Phase III we will proceed with the editing, music and graphics which is the production stage.


Our aim is to ensure that our history of Eastern Greeks is not forgotten, and to inform the American public of the Asia Minor, Pontos and Eastern Thrace Greek Genocide. We have a moral obligation to the memory of hundreds of thousands of our people who perished under the most horrific circumstances. Our objective is to achieve a wider recognition of these tragic events with the hope that such events will not be repeated.