NAtional Hellenic Museum

Thanks to the Hellenic Foundation
The National Hellenic Museum (NHM) is pleased to announce that it is the proud recipient of a grant, Digital Audio Visual Connectivity for Improved Museum Educational Programming as supported by the Hellenic Foundation of Chicago. With support of the Hellenic Foundation, the Museum will be able to enhance educational programming by improving the experience of attendees at community and public events that are at the heart of the cultural outreach accomplished at the Museum.

Seeking to serve lifelong learners of all ages, the National Hellenic Museum offers events, exhibits, lectures, and classes that illuminate the past and face the future through the prism of Hellenic history and values. These programs require high quality audiovisual technology in order to provide state-of-the art education for all participants. The Museum has already committed to an upgrade of its digital infrastructure, including its network, equipment and data management software -- the grant will further enhance this effort especially in ways that will positively impact members of the broader community when they visit the Museum.

About the National Hellenic Museum
The National Hellenic Museum (NHM) is dedicated to portraying the legacy of Greek culture and history, and the Greek story in America. Through cultural expression and oral history, the Museum’s programs, exhibits, educational classes, and tours spark curiosity about visitor’s own family stories, linking generations of Americans to the Hellenic legacy. The Museum holds a rich repository of 20,000+ artifacts, photos, historic newspapers, books, and an archive of over 400 recorded histories. The NHM Collections serve as the physical hub of Greek American history, from which the Museum exhibits and educators present interactive programming every day. The Museum preserves, portrays, and celebrates the mosaic of the Greek diaspora, immigrant journeys, and the breadth of the American experience.

Founded in Chicago as the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center (HMCC) in 1983, the HMCC moved to the city’s Greektown neighborhood in 2004 and opened its current location on Halsted Street as the National Hellenic Museum in 2011. The contemporary four-story building is home to extensive archives, rotating exhibits, classrooms, and a stunning rooftop view of Chicago. Three floors of galleries explore ancient and modern themes and provide multi-use spaces to host tours, classes, private events, and public programs.


Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning for the whole community is a key component of the Museum’s mission as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. The Museum’s educational programs are professionally designed and delivered for pre-K through 12th grade, college students, and adults. In 2017, over 21,000 individuals experienced the Museum, including thousands of schoolchildren on field trips and group tours. Skills such as critical thinking, researching, interviewing, storytelling, and writing are introduced through artifacts and experiential Museum education in the arts, sciences, and humanities. Cultural programming includes family events with up to 400 attendees, Greek language training for hundreds every year, and monthly public programs covering wide-ranging topics related to the Hellenic legacy. All NHM programming aims to promote
self-awareness and enhance understanding in our diverse world.


The Museum values the principle of community and is grateful for the support and efforts of hundreds of volunteers, docents, and interns from local universities. Museum visitors include schoolchildren, adult groups, rental patrons and visiting scholars from all over the world. Partnerships and grants from local, national, and global partners continue to enhance the Museum’s broad perspective. The Museum is particularly proud to be a repeat grant recipient from the Hellenic Foundation of Chicago. For 2018, the Hellenic Foundation is helping to improve the digital audio and visual technology at the Museum.
Digital Audio Visual Connectivity for Improved Museum Educational Programming Quality audiovisual technology is a necessity for any modern educational effort. NHM’s audio-video infrastructure provides support to all programming accomplished at the Museum by the Museum educators and visiting presenters. Support from the Hellenic Foundation will enable the Museum to upgrade its audiovisual infrastructure and improve the delivery of state-of-the-art programming to the larger community.


2018 Project Description, Goals & Objectives
Grant funding from the Hellenic Foundation will support selected improvements to the digital media capabilities of multi-purpose spaces within the Museum by providing necessary audio-visual resources for programming accomplished every day. Objectives for 2018 include upgrading and connecting the audiovisual equipment in classrooms, galleries and public event spaces to improve many aspects of the Museum experience. Updating the NHM’s audiovisual infrastructure and providing greater technological support will enhance the public experience of the Museum. Upgraded distribution equipment including video and audio solutions will optimize video and audio solutions and improve digital media presentation capabilities in multiple spaces. Ensuring compatibility and connectivity across the Museum’s audiovisual network and providing portable sound solutions will address the needs of visiting presenters and community partners.


Sound quality will be improved in multiple meeting spaces, using more adaptable systems that can adjust for spoken voice lectures and panel discussions, including cultural presentations such as music and art demonstrations, and presentations for large groups in different spaces throughout the building.

The Museum offers programming in the main halls, galleries, classroom, boardroom, and on the rooftop
terrace so sound solutions will be sought that have wide application across the entire building. The grant will
make possible a portable AV cart that will provide wireless microphones with amplification and sound
management for these multiple spaces throughout the building. With in-house equipment, presenters will
have access to a portable microphone system in numerous meeting spaces on multiple levels of the building.
In these ways, sound can be optimized, amplified, managed and music streamed in multiple spaces for greater
artistic and cultural programming.


On behalf of all those served by the National Hellenic Museum, we are truly grateful to receive this generous
grant from the Hellenic Foundation. Thank you!