In what capacity is Hellenic Foundation still affiliated with Hollywood House?

Hellenic Foundation continues to service the Greek population residing at Hollywood House. Foundation staff assists the Greek residence with their personal issues, and addressing residential concerns with Heartland management. Through its Community Care Program, Hellenic Foundation is able to improve our seniors’ quality of life for by providing in home care services with Greek speaking home aides. 


How has Hellenic Foundation evolved?

The Hellenic Foundation has evolved from directly providing social services to a resource that can better assist individuals and families in our community by identifying and collaborating with qualified social service organizations and City and State agencies that provide programs that specifically address their needs with properly trained and experience staff. In addition to servicing the senior Greek population through its Community Care Program, Hellenic Foundation has become a benevolent Foundation. In 2016, the Hellenic Foundation will begin assisting projects, programs and organizations that service the needs of the Greek and Orthodox community of the Greater Chicago area by providing the resources and support they may need to succeed.


How have Hellenic Foundation’s offices been modernized in the last four years to better serve the community?

Hellenic Foundation has invested in an Information Technology system and has made improvements to the offices to create a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere for clients and visitors. Hellenic Foundation has computerized its office and installed state-of-the art audio visual equipment for its lectures and seminars. Hellenic Foundation has renovated its Community Center, updated its website and created a mobile phone friendly website and created a Facebook page to make information, registrations and donations more accessible to all. Hellenic Foundation is the only not-for-profit organization serving the social service needs of individuals, couples and families in the Greek community.