Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre


GARCC’s Nurse Call Light System Grant


We are grateful to the Hellenic Foundation for selecting us as one of the 2017 grant recipients.  This grant will assist us on furthering our mission of providing quality care with genuine hospitality for all our residents. 


The Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre celebrated our 15-year anniversary in 2017.  We serve the Chicagoland area including the suburbs  and are the only nursing home owned by the Greek American Community in the Midwest.   The Care Centre is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization for long-term care and short-term rehabilitation, which includes a certified Alzheimer’s Unit accommodating 65 residents. It is recognized as a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility.  Our distinct focus it to address the ethnic, cultural and spiritual needs of the Greek American Community.  Currently, our resident occupancy consists of approximately 20% that are at the Care Centre for short-term rehabilitation and 80% that are here for long-term skilled care.  The Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre takes in the sick and elderly of our community and provides a safe, home-like environment, regardless of their economic status. On average, 67% of our total census is on public aid; therefore, the Care Centre must continuously obtain additional funding through fundraising and grants.


Our foremost objective is always to ensure the highest practical well-being of our residents.  Our original nurse call light system installed in 2002 is now obsolete and needs to be replaced.  After extensive research of available products, we have determined that the Provider 790 Nurse Call System would best fit our current and future needs.  With the purchase, installation and implementation of this system we will assure a safer environment for our residents whether they are in their rooms, common areas within the building or enjoying the fresh outdoor air on our beautiful patio. 


The needs of our residents are increasingly complex, therefore, we need a nurse call system that will provide multiple functions and will allow us to add additional functions in the future.  This system will provide two-way audio interaction,  both tone-visual and audio-visual components which provide us the communication, alerting and workflow tools needed to address the unique requirements of our resident and facility needs.  We will be able to service our residents more promptly and efficiently, respond to emergency situations immediately, evaluate and assess our workflow and staffing concerns, monitor our residents’ locations, and assure a safer environment for our residents.     


The implementation of this new nurse call light system will be completed in three phases. The Hellenic Foundation grant will enable us to purchase the nurse call system base which is a vital component of completing the first two phases. This new nurse call light system will assist us in providing the best security and care for our residents.