2016 Grant Recipients

The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center

The Great Catastrophe Documentary


Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center. Established in 2011 with the purpose of documenting and raise awareness about the Greek communities of the later Ottoman empire, and the genocide of Anatolian Greeks (1913-1923) by Turkish regimes. Organization has published “Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Ottoman Greek Genocide”, a self-directed Study Course for the book, and a 5- minute promotional DVD for the project.



To produce an hour documentary film exploring and revealing the history, culture, and significance of the tragic expulsion of the Greeks from their ancestral homelands in Asia Minor and Pontos. The goal of the project is that the documentary would be suitable for airing on a PBS Cultural Documentary Series. It is anticipated that Bill Kurtis would be the commentator of the film, as he was for the promotional DVD, and John Davis would support and lend his expertise to the film production.

Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre

Fine Dining Project



The GARCC takes in the sick and elderly of our community and provides them with restorative, skilled and long-term health care in a safe, home-like environment, regardless of their economic status. It serves the Chicagoland area including the suburbs, and with our distinct focus of ethnic, culture and spiritual needs of the Greek Orthodox community.



The project is designed to improve the dining experience of the residence by improving the food delivery system through the following

means: 1. A buildout in each dining room on every floor for water lines, additional electrical power, refrigeration, storage and counter top space; 2. Purchase of new adjustable tables that can accommodate each resident; 3. Purchase new china, stemware, silverware, and linens. The result of the effort will eliminate food trays and provide a restaurant-style experience.

National Hellenic Museum

Free PAn Orthodox Field Trips


Founded in 1987, the NHM’s mission statement is to preserve and explore Hellenism and chronicle the Greek-American journey through exhibitions, oral histories, archival collections and educational programs.



To offer no-cost field trips to the Greek youth organizations – all Greek Schools, Sunday Schools, and GOYA/JOY groups in the Chicagoland area.  The program funded through this project will take place from September, 2016 – August, 2017.  There are 47 churches within close proximity to the Museum. The project anticipates 2 tours/field trips from each church (one youth and one adult). The funding would cover the educational staff time and supplies related to the trips. The projected Staff costs for the additional 94 groups that would visit the Museum through this project.


Hellenic Legal Assistance Services

Hel.LAS Pro Bono Legal Assistance Clinic


Hellenic Legal Assistance Services. Officers of the Hellenic Bar Association founded Hel.LAS in 2016. Their application for IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status is pending. Project: Hel.LAS is a pro bono clinic created to address the needs of low-income members of the Greek community of Chicago. The clinic meets once a month (the second Saturday) to provide legal information, referrals, and potential representation in a linguistically and culturally sensitive environment. Hel.LAS falls under the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services umbrella, which provides liability insurance for pro bono legal services, legal resources and support. The program utilized the service of a Hellenic Foundation staff member. Hel.Las would reimburse the Hellenic Foundation for the employee's time through the grant proceeds.

PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation

PanHellenic - Hellenic Foundation Scholarships


The Foundation was established in 1998 by Chris P. Tomaras (1937-2015) with the goal of Building a better America through Education and Hellenism. The Foundation offers $250,000 in scholarships annually:

20 Awards - $10,000 each based on academic achievement and financial need.

20 Awards - $2,500 each based solely on academic achievement.



The Hellenic Foundation would support the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation on an annual basis, with the appropriate recognition for the support to be determined.


St. Iakovos Retreat Center

Program Development


The St Iakovos Retreat Center is a 137-acre property in Kansasville, WI.  The facilities can house up to 200 people in both communal and individual lodging accommodations. The purpose of the ministry is to be a place of rejuvenation where people can gather in fun and fellowship to grow in faith.  It is the current location for Fanari Camp.



The grant award would provide for the creation of a new staff position – Program Director, and fund one year’s salary.  The Program Director would be responsible for: Running current programs; Create, market, execute and set up a data base to enhance the ministry and personal growth opportunities of the Center.

ST. John the Baptist Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School

Technology & Equipment


St. John the Baptist GOC is one of the largest churches in the Metropolis of Chicago, with nearly 800 steward families. It is the home of two of the largest Greek Orthodox parochial schools and Greek school programs: Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School and Pythagoras Greek School.  Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School:  Founded in 1999; Current enrollment – 170 students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Pythagoras Greek School: Founded approx. 1961; Saturday Greek School Program – 200 students; Wednesday evenings – 50 students.



The project to be funded by the grant award has 5 elements: (1) Developing a Hellenic History Curriculum, written in Greek, for the 5th and 6th grade level  (2) Enhancing the 6th Grade History Curriculum’s Christocentric Social Studies by documenting lessons, creating student and teacher materials, developing a scope and sequence for the history curriculum about the role of Hellenism as it correlates to the reception of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ within the context of the theological teachings of the Greek Orthodox Church -  (3) Design a pre-assessment, written in Greek, to support current curriculum in grades 2-6 that will inform instructional practices as to the specific needs and grouping of students within a single class; (4) Purchase of 20 Inspiron laptops  (10 exclusively for staff use and 10 for student use) and 2 extra wide laptop storage carts; (5) Multimedia Presentation Technology: purchase and install a large screen monitor in the school building with wireless connection to a projector and document camera for multimedia instruction and presentations.

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