Hellenic College Office of Vocation & Ministry


The CrossRoad Summer Institute, a program of the Office of Vocation & Ministry (OVM) at Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (HCHC) in Brookline, Massachusetts, is a 10- day summer program for Orthodox Christian high school juniors and seniors from across North America. The OVM currently hosts two 10-day sessions of CrossRoad at HCHC for 32 students each session. CrossRoad is heading into its 15th summer and over the past several years, the demand for CrossRoad has consistently outstripped spaces, often with twice the number of applicants for the 64 total spots.  In 2016, the OVM received a planning grant from the John C. Kulis Foundation to assess the possibility of piloting a third session of CrossRoad in Chicago. As a result, this summer of 2018, following the two sessions in Brookline, MA, the CrossRoad staff will pilot a third session in Chicago at NorthPark University (June 21-31, 2018). This will allow a total of 96 students to experience CrossRoad, and will make the program more accessible to high school students in the Midwest and Chicagoland areas. Hellenic College Holy Cross is deeply grateful to the Hellenic Foundation for a grant that provides one quarter of the grant funding needed to host CrossRoad in Chicago this summer.


CrossRoad effectively complements the efforts of Orthodox families, parishes, and camping programs to pass on our beautiful faith tradition to our youth. It is hosted on a college campus with the goal of preparing students to engage their faith in their formative adult years, stressing three interrelated components of vocation, theology, and service. Students are given essential space to explore who they are, to ask seasoned Orthodox theologians their toughest questions, to experience the joy of service, and to make friendships that will last a lifetime. It cultivates the next generation of leaders for Church and society. Piloting a session of CrossRoad in Chicago not only increases the program’s accessibility, but it also allows the OVM to assess whether running the program in several regional locations nationwide will be effective in increasing the reach of this high impact ministry.


The OVM at HCHC has an unusual background as an Orthodox Christian ministry office. In 2003, Hellenic College became on of 88 religiously affiliated colleges and universities to receive a 5 year, $2 million Lilly Endowment grant to explore their own traditions’ understanding of vocation by piloting programs to help students relate their faith and vocation. Since its inception, the OVM has offered Orthodox Christian youth and young adults the opportunity to engage their faith, discover their vocation, and develop their capacity for leadership. The programs of the OVM have attracted a strong donor base in the Orthodox Church community because of the impact that the OVM has on the lives of young people in promoting a healthy, life-giving love for the orthodox faith and developing the leadership capacity of young people. For more information, contact Dr. Ann Bezzerides, OVM Director, at (617) 850-1308 or abezzerides@hchc.edu. Please recommend CrossRoad to any Orthodox high school juniors and seniors you know and encourage them to apply!