PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation

Building a better America through Education and Hellenism


The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes education by providing scholarships to undergraduates of Hellenic descent.  Through its signature scholarship program, the Foundation recognizes the "best and brightest" Greek American undergraduates who, guided by Hellenic values, have the potential to become life-long achievers, future leaders, and to contribute meaningfully to the Hellenic community. The Foundation supports the efforts of these exceptional students with significant monetary awards based on academic merit and financial need.


The Foundation, established by Chicago entrepreneur and philanthropist Chris P. Tomaras in 1998, annually offers $250,000 in awards to deserving students. The scholarships are given at two levels: twenty (20) awards of $10,000 each are offered based on academic achievement and financial need, and twenty (20) awards of $2,500 each are offered based solely on academic achievement. To date, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation has awarded $2.5 million in scholarships to 366 college students. These awards are used to pay for university educational expenses like tuition, room and board, and books.


In order to meet its objective of supporting the best future leaders of Hellenic descent, the Foundation maintains strict eligibility requirements and high standards that are the hallmark of its application and evaluation process. In both award categories, all students must meet the Foundation’s high academic criteria, one of which is a 3.5 GPA or higher. The scholarships are presented to recipients at the annual Award Ceremony  and Gala.


To apply for a scholarship, students must submit a completed application package, which includes income tax returns, university transcripts, essay, and academic and personal letters of recommendation. Applicants must be of Hellenic descent. Students must be currently enrolled as full-time students at a university in the U.S. and pursuing a four-year bachelor degree. They must also have graduated from a state certified high school or equivalent. Award Recipients will be selected by an independent Academic Committee based on financial need and academic criteria established by the Foundation.


In addition, the Foundation annually presents the Paradigm Award to a distinguished leader of Hellenic descent. This award honors individuals whose accomplishments are testimony to the mission of the Foundation. Paradigm Award honorees act as ideal role models for each year's scholarship recipients to emulate.


This year, newly-appointed Chairman Robert A. Buhler has spearheaded four initiatives for growth for the Foundation. These are: 1) connect scholars with meaningful internships and jobs 2) engage Alumni through the new Junior Board 3) develop regional board representatives and 4) develop partnerships and co-brand with organizations who are also dedicated to promoting Education and Hellenism.


Each year, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation receives hundreds of applications from exceptional students who need financial assistance, and selects only the top students from across the nation. The Foundation honors these students at its annual Awards Ceremony & Gala. The overwhelming amount of thank you letters from recipients and their families is a testament to how important the mission of the Foundation is to the scholarship winners, their families, and the Greek American community.


The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation is located in Chicago, Illinois. For more information and to find out how you can help a deserving student, or to apply for a scholarship, please visit or call (312) 357-6432.