St. John the Baptist Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School

The schools of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, in Des Plaines, IL, namely Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School and Pythagoras Greek School, are deeply grateful to be recipients of a grant from the Hellenic Foundation for essential technology and equipment needs. This project will have a great impact on the nearly 500 students of Guardian Angel and Pythagoras. The majority of the grant will help grow the schools’ mobile computer lab for students and staff. Laptops are used by teachers for instruction, as well as by students for research, writing, presentations, and standardized testing. The grant will also fund multimedia presentation technology and educational equipment for student use.

Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School was founded in 1999 with the mission to educate children by integrating intellectual, physical, and spiritual learning using the teaching of the Holy Orthodox Church in a manner which will instill virtues within their souls and reveal the image of God within them. Guardian Angel has had a tremendous amount of growth in the past decade, since the first preschool class of 14 children in 1999. Since 2006, the school began adding elementary grades year by year and has a current enrollment of 180 students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Families send their children to Guardian Angel, often at great personal sacrifice, because of their commitment to the excellent academics, Orthodox Christian faith, and Greek language and culture available at the school.

Pythagoras Greek School of St. John the Baptist is a student-centered school, embracing Greek educational principles and values, and it continues to meet the needs of its ever-growing community, representing the latest approaches in learning and language acquisition. For over 55 years, the school continues to thrive and achieve its overarching goal: To create an enjoyable learning experience that instills the understanding, enthusiasm and appreciation for the Greek language and heritage while it provides all students with the highest quality of learning. The carefully selected faculty members, with advanced studies in education, are all dedicated and highly competent teachers. They are committed to helping their students develop an understanding of their Hellenic heritage and cultural identity. Pythagoras currently offers a Saturday Greek School program for more than 200 students in grades pre-kindergarten through high school and a Greek as a Second Language program (GSL) on Wednesday evenings to about 50 students.