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What started as a vision to provide senior care and housing for our Greek elders in need, the Hellenic Foundation has evolved into a multi-faceted social services provider and resource for an even broader range of people and programs within Chicago’s Greek and Pan-Orthodox community.

Today, the Hellenic Foundation meets its original vision of caring for our elders through its senior in-home care service. With years of experience and a dedicated, multi-lingual staff of home health care professionals, the Hellenic Foundation helps seniors from a variety of ethnic backgrounds stay in their own home when possible, with the dignity, respect and sensitivity to their unique cultural backgrounds that they deserve. 

With its Grant program, the Hellenic Foundation seeks to harness the commitment, creativity and ingenuity of a vast array of local not-for-profit organizations that provide key programs and services to the Greek Orthodox community. Each year the Hellenic Foundation awards grants to qualified recipients whose missions and programs enhance and preserve our Greek language, culture, heritage and religion in Chicago.

And with its Emergency Fund, the Hellenic Foundation can provide critical help to those in need during crisis situations. 

Through these self-funded programs and its collaboration with other like-minded foundations, the Hellenic Foundation strives to fulfill its mission of helping those in need and improving the lives of people in Chicago’s Greek and Pan-Orthodox community. 



The Hellenic Foundation’s mission is to fund the development and support of programs and projects benefiting the Greek American and Orthodox Christian communities in the Chicagoland area.




Greek Orthodox Welfare Foundation, DBA 
Hellenic Foundation, was founded by     
Fr. George Mastrantonis and community leaders. 


Purchased Hollywood House in 
Chicago for Hellenic senior housing 
and Hellenic Foundation offices.


Creation of Hellenic Family and Community Services - Social service programs for Chicago’s Greek Community.


Creation of Hellenic Golden Circle – 
Recreational programs for Hellenic seniors. 


Community Care Program - In-home care program for Seniors. 


Purchased and remodeled offices at
6251 W. Touhy Ave, Chicago, IL 60646.


Sale of Hollywood House, Investment
Fund established with sale proceeds.


Relocation for all of the Hellenic Foundation offices and programs to the 6251 W. Touhy address.


Official name change: Hellenic Foundation


Inception of Grant Program, 
funded by Investment Fund.


Since 2016,  the Grant Program has granted 
79 awards, funding over $2.1 million to programs, projects and organizations that serve Chicagoland’s Greek and Orthodox Christian Communities.

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6251-53 W Touhy Ave.

Chicago, IL 60646

P: 773.631.5222

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