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These are some of the organizations and programs that impact our community through the support of the Hellenic Foundation Grant Program.


There are few private foundations dedicated to funding projects and programs focused on the Greek American and Orthodox community of the Chicagoland area.  In 2016, the Hellenic Foundation began awarding grants to support programs, projects and organizations supporting the needs of our community. Although significant, the Foundation’s resources are limited.  Therefore, there may be programs or projects that may not realize their full potential without funding in addition to that provided by the Hellenic Foundation.

Our community is faced with a problem: the need for quality programs focused on the seniors, families and our youth.  However, problems create opportunity. In addition to accepting donations, the Foundation is actively seeking to partner with other philanthropists and foundations in the Greek American and Orthodox community for the purpose of creating opportunities for creative and essential projects, programs, and organizations that require resources and support to succeed.

Scrolled across the top of this page are organizations and programs that are enhancing the quality of life in our community through the support of the Hellenic Foundation’s Grant Program. 


If you are interested in supporting projects, programs and organizations, such as these, focused on the Greek American and Orthodox community of Chicagoland, join our efforts! If you are a Greek American or Orthodox philanthropist, foundation or organization with the means and desire to participate in this wonderful Opportunity, collaborate with us!  Involvement can be as simple as making a donation to the Hellenic Foundation itself to be used in support of Greek American or Orthodox projects benefiting our community, or as engaged as a partnering with the Hellenic Foundation to discover and directly assist worthy projects and organizations.  Work with us!  Joined together, an alliance of Greek American and Orthodox philanthropists and foundations can ensure that the Greek American and Orthodox community of the Chicagoland area receives the essential programs it needs.

The Foundation is thankful for all contributions it receives. No matter the size, every gift to the Foundation supports its efforts to attend to the needs of within our community, particularly our seniors.


You may contact us or send a contribution to:

Hellenic Foundation
6251-53 W. Touhy Ave.
Chicago, IL 60646

Hellenic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization; all donations are tax-deductible.

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6251-53 W Touhy Ave.

Chicago, IL 60646

P: 773.631.5222


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