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Homecare Aide Overcomes Pandemic-related Challenges to Keep Clients Cared For

The Hellenic Foundation’s Community Care Program allows seniors to remain in their homes and to maintain, strengthen and safeguard the functioning of individuals in their own homes in accordance with the authorized Plan of Care. We are proud of the efforts from our staff for their compliance with the new COVID-19 procedures and want to give you a behind-the-scenes look into their dedication as specialized homecare aide service providers.

Maureen Ledger has been working with the Hellenic Foundation as a Homecare Aide since 2017. Before this role, she had previous experience working for the Council of Jewish Elderly. However, Maureen became an aide out of necessity when she started taking care of her parents. Fast-forward to today, she is still providing the utmost care and professionalism, tending to the needs of her clients.

When asked if she could share one of her fondest memories with her clients, she had a hard time choosing and said, “Everyone that I have worked for has always given me nothing but positive response.” In addition to reminding her clients about their health, cooking for them, or doing certain chores, Maureen considers herself a companion to her clients. Especially during the last year, her clients were quite lonely and their days would be brightened just by being able to have conversations with someone.

A core value of the Hellenic Foundation’s Community Care Program is to treat seniors like family. Mirroring this value, Maureen explains, “I treat clients like I would my grandparents. I like to keep them upbeat because they’re in the house all day [during lockdown] and don’t get to go outside much, and so we laugh, share stories, and they look forward everyday to somebody coming by.”

Photo Description: Maureen Ledger pictured above with one of her clients in masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Maureen recalled at the beginning of the pandemic, when she herself tested positive for the virus and kept thinking of her clients and being concerned about their health and safety. They would even call to check up on her and make sure she was recovering.

Ledger shares that the one who does this line of work must have patience and compassion. She hopes to reunite with some of her past clients she couldn’t see during the pandemic now that vaccination has rolled-out. We thank Maureen for her compassion and work, serving our senior community members. As challenges arise, the Community Care Program innovates ways to keep clients and aides safe, while ensuring our seniors are still cared for.

About Our Community Care Services

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